Sunday February 2nd Soy Bean Miso Workshop

Sunday February 2nd Soy Bean Miso Workshop

At SANUKI MARCHE Workshop, you can learn about native food and crafts unique in Kagawa.

In February, Sawayaka Nico Farm members give you the workshop how to make Miso, and its recipe is developed and supervised by Yamamoto Miso Factory.

There are less germs in the air in cold season and Miso fermentation goes slowly which gives Miso very rich flavor and taste.

For Miso production, we use malted rice made from Oidemai (Kagawa’s local brand) and Sea Salt made by traditional method.

Preparation for Miso will be done at Sanuki Marche Workshop site, and please place it at your home for about 6 months for fermentation. Kids can join and make this Miso, so please join the workshop.

Date&Time: February 2nd, Sunday ①10:00〜②11:30〜③13:00〜 (takes about 1 hour) Maximum allowed 10 for each.

Participation Fee: JPY2200 (to make approx. 1.5kg of Miso)

Site: Sanuki Marche Workshop Booth at Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage

Contact&Application to: NPO Archipelago  TEL: 087-813-1001 (10:00-18:00)


Please provide followings on the application.

  1. Names (all the names of participants)
  2. Number of people

Contact information on February 2nd.

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