March 1st, Sunday Seller List of “Wheat and Bread”

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March 1st, Sunday  Seller List of “Wheat and Bread”

<Agriculture Company Morichika>

Fresh vegetables from Manno-cho (Chinese cabbage, Leek, Taro, Daikon Radish, Rice)



Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Fruits


<Yondenko Agri Farm>

Various kinds of Tomato


<Cuisine Commercy>

Madeleine, Scone, Bagel


<K’s bakery>

Breads made from Oidemai (Kagawa’s brand rice) rice flower, Baguette, Filled&Stuffed bread, Pastries



Natural yeast bread, Organic oatmeal granola, Baked sweets


<Yano Market>

Various kinds of chikuwa (Tube-shaped fish paste cake), Egg rolls, Fried fish paste


<Patisserie Sumida>

Macaroon, Ice cream puff, Baked sweets


<373 comilk>

Cream stew of milk and white miso


<Yoshida Bakery>

Breads, Donuts, Curry-in-bread, Salty bread, Sweet potato bread



Home-made yeast bread, Filled&Stuffed bread


<Sushi Santatsu>

Sushi roll of conger eel, Battera sushi, Inarizushi (Fried tofu stuffed with sushi rice)


<Mochi Mugi Kirari>

Stick barley, Amazake (Fermented rice drink)


<Kaisei (Turban Shell Mixed Rice from Ogijima>

Locally fished turban shell mixed rice



Koji (Mold made from rice), Rice, Sticky barley, Amazake (Fermented rice drink), Boxed lunch, Rice balls


<Setouchi Rusk>

Iriko (Dried sardine) rusk, Mitoyo garlic rusk, Sweet potato rusk, Fried bread stuffed with sweet potato, Cotton candy, Dinks


<Yokokura Life Improving Group>

Dumpling, Sushi, Mochi, Warabi mochi, Tsukemono (Pickles)


<sanuki wasanbon hiyori>

Wasanbon sugar



Kagawa’s original red chili pepper



Hand drip Takase’s green tea, Green tea latte


<Hiwasa Smoke Factory>

Smoked fish, Smoked cheese


<Gateau Yoshida KC Factory>

Various kinds of cheese cakes


<Natural Yeast KAINA>

Bread, Baked sweets, Jam, Butter scone


<Boulangerie KURIMUGI> New!

Shodoshima soy sauce rusk, Bread



White milk bread, Bread



Curry&Sticky barley, Sticky barley, Boiled barley


<Grilled Chicken Ta-chan>

Grilled bone-in chicken


<Azuki Cafe>

Crepes (Soy sauce, Olive)


<Hananomiya Iitomo>

Steamed/Fried dumpling of Kagawa chicken


<Sho’s Chinese Restaurant>

Fried rice, Daoxiaomian (Knife-shaved noodle), Stir-fried vegetables, Mapo tofu bowel, Lu rou fan (Traditional Taiwanese dish-braised pork on rice), Steamed pork dumpling, Simmered pork in fluffy steamed bun


<Sanuki Tourism Association>

Grape ice cream from Sanuki winery, Grape juice from Sanuki winery, Drip coffee, Fried mochi, Miso, Vegetables


<Iida Peach Farm>

Peach ice cream, Peach soda, Hot peach drink, Plum syrup, Marshmallow


<Turquois Kebab>

Kebab sandwich, Turkish ice cream


<Manabe Noodles>

Noodles with soup made from Iriko (Dried sardine)


<Grill House Dorimuya>

Hot sandwich, Olive pork BBQ, Olive pork croquette, Olive pork fried noodle, Olive pork cutlet, Rice bowel with olive pork, Pork mixed rice



Sanuki honey chai, Coffee, Coffee beans


<Kitchen Garden>

Baked sweets, Bagel sandwich, Bagel, Boxed lunch, Rice balls, Soup, Drinks


<82 Kaoru> New!

Pizza (Margherita, Quattro formaggi, Romaine lettuce&Provola)



Fried udon noodle, Donuts


<Spice Family Karakura>

Curry (Various level of spiceness


<M’s Store>

Fried pizza, Fried octopus, Lemon squash


<Himalaya Kitchen>

Naan, Drinks (Lassi, Chai), Tandoori chicken, Chicken Tikka, Curry


<Hoan Kiem Kafe>

Olive pork pho, Vietnam coffee


<CUBE CAFÉ R’ erre>

Madeleine, Coffee, Oden


<Fukushige Beer>

Various kinds of bottled craft beer


<Futoccho Suzume>

Lasagna, Waffle, Steamed cake of rice flower, Soup


<Café du mistral>

Nice’s sandwich, Apple compote



Nepalese Gyoza of Kagawa chicken (Dumpling)



Coffee, Coffee beans, Lemon cake



Flower pot, Magnet, Wooden dish, Cutting board





Eco Bag Making (JPY100|Futoccho Suzume)

Wasanbon Workshop (JPY500|sanuki wasanbon hiyori)

Sanuki Wooden Bucket Making (JPY3500|Tanikawa Wood Craft)



Sanuki Marche in Sunport

Date&Time: March 1st, Sunday 10:00-15:00

Site: Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage


*Postponed to 8th in the stormy weather.

*Shops and products are subject to change.

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