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What is New Year Udon?

The New Year Udon is a pure white and neat udon"deep red"With red and white sauce
By eating at the beginning of the year (January 1-1), we hope for the happiness of that year.
Red toppingIs OK.
You can easily celebrate the New Year at home.
On New Year's Day, wishing happiness for that year
Let's eat "New Year Udon" with the whole family!

New year udon menu born in udon prefecture

Sanuki's New Year Udon

◆ Sanuki's New Year Udon

Sanuki New Year Udon is a New Year Udon that utilizes the food culture of Kagawa Prefecture newly developed by the authentic Sanuki Udon Cooperative.
Speaking of Kagawa's zoni, white miso and anmochi's "Anmochi zoni". In a time when sugar was at a premium, it is a simmered boiled dish with the predecessor's thoughts of luxury for the New Year.
Utilizing such udon prefecture's food culture,Crimson AnmochiSanuki udon noodles has been developed. This is a new year's udon that has a great combination of Iriko Dashi and Anmochi.

"Sanuki's New Year Udon"
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Essential Healthy New Year Udon

◆ Healthy New Year Udon

A healthy and energetic new year's udon noodles devised by the Deputy Governor of Udon Prefecture.We also use plenty of ingredients from Kagawa prefecture.
Cut out from Shirasu, Japanese yam, heart and arrow from Kagawa (from Udon prefecture in love)Kinki ginsengTopping. The dashi is a hot bukkake soup that can be easily entangled with the natural potato.
The salty taste of the thickened potato and white sardine is a healthy gem that inspires appetite.

"Healthy New Year Udon"
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New Year udon project to make with growing children