2020/9/13 (Sun) 10: 00-14: 00 List of Curry Marche store openings


Curry menu

Curry bread K's bakery
Curry chibiten Yano store
Curry pizza Yoshida Bakery
Japanese curry bread 373 comilk
Sweet vegetable curry Gathering
Sanuki loquat curry Zora workshop
Side dish curry bagel sandwich  Kitchen garden
Chicken curry (4 levels of spiciness), chicken key mackery, kerala chicken curry, butter chicken curry, sambal, yellow rice Spice family karakra 
Green curry using Sanuki Cochin HOAN KIEM CAFÉ
Curry fried rice Manabe noodles
Prefectural chicken kebab sand (curry marche limited curry sauce)Turquoise kebab
Croque monsieur curry flavor of vegetables from the prefecture Café du mistral


List of stores

Agriculture Company Morikachi
Seasonal vegetables harvested in Manno-cho

Kagawa Organic Network
Organic vegetables, organic flowers, organic seedlings

Bettim Farm
Hazama fig, jam, drink, quince juice, eggplant, Italian tomato, sweet potato, manno sunflower oil

K's bakery
Rice flour bread, French bread, confectionery bread, side dish, and curry bread using Kagawa's brand rice "Oide rice"

Yano store
Hamochikuwa, Chibiten, Curry Chibiten, Datemaki, Atsuyaki, Basil and Garlic Chikuwa (Kagawa Prefecture Basil and Garlic Kneaded, Warming Chikuwa)

Patisserie Sumida
Strawberry macaroons, rare sugar ice, ice roll cake (use rare sugar sweet, prefecture rice flour Oidemai, prefecture fruit)

373 comilk
Japanese curry bread

Yoshida Bakery
Cake donut, cooked bread, sweet bread, loaf, curry pizza

Sanshin Sushi
Futaki sushi, buttera, mori sushi

Kirari rice cake
Kirari mochi barley, Kirari mochi barley amazake

Setouchi Rusk Hall +
Ibukijima Iriko Rusk, Santoyo Garlic Rusk, Sanuki Kintoki Imo Rusk, Fried Bread, Cotton Candy, Drinks

Hundred tigers
Fried blowfish, fried octopus, tempura

Sanuki City Tourism Association
Grape ice, Sanuki RED Konodai R-1 grape 100% juice bottle (1% juice, squeezed as it is, without adding any additives to the grape "Konodai R-100", which was researched and developed by the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University), cafe Ole base bottle, vegetables

Sweet vegetable curry (sweet curry that can be eaten by children with a lot of vegetables grown in-house), dried vegetables, tea

Turquoise kebab
Prefectural chicken kebab sand (curry marche limited curry sauce), Turkish ice cream

Manabe noodles
Curry fried rice, soup nashimaze noodles

Zora workshop
Dried fruits from Kagawa prefecture, drinks from Kagawa prefecture, shaved ice from Kagawa prefecture, Sanuki Biwa curry

Kitchen garden
Baked goods, bagels, bento, bagel sandwiches, rice balls

Spice family karakra
Chicken curry (4 levels of spiciness), chicken key mackery, kerala chicken curry, butter chicken curry, sambal, yellow rice

Green curry using Sanuki Cochin

Café du mistral
Sandwich bread baniya, cake sale, taboret, croque monsieur curry flavor

BASE 7788 (base Nanana Naha bee)
Raw strawberry shaved ice, rare sugar blue Hawaii shaved ice, rare sugar strawberry shaved ice, Setouchi lemonade

Wild flower
Kuromatsu, Shinbashi, Keyaki, Rock, and other small bonsai


Sanuki Marche in Sunport
Date and time: Sunday, March 2020, 9, 13: 10-00: 14 
Venue:Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Canceled in bad weather

*It may be canceled or postponed depending on the occurrence of new coronavirus infection. Please refer to the official website for information about the event and information about who will open the store.




760-0019 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 2-1
Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage

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