event date
August 1st (Sun) 10:00-14:00
October 10th (Sun) 10:00-14:00
October 24 (Sun) 10:00-14:00
November 14 (Sun) 10:00-14:00
November 21 (Sun) 10:00-14:00
December 5th (Sun) 10:00-14:00


event date
January 9th (Sun) 10:00-14:00
February 6th (Sun) 10:00-14:00
March 6th (Sun) 10:00-14:00
  • *It is scheduled to be held on the first Sunday of every month. In March and April it will be held on the second Sunday of the month.
  • *If it is postponed due to bad weather, it will be held on the second Sunday. In March and April will be held on the third Sunday.  If it is raining on the makeup day, it will be cancelled without any makeup.
  • *It may be cancelled or postponed due to the novel Corona virus.

Please refer to the official website for information on the event and store openings.
The page below, which is in Japanese, will be annotated in English at the bottom of the page.


Sunport 2-1, Takamatsu-city,
Kagawa-prefecture 760-0019 Japan