October 10th (Sun) 4: 10-00: 14 List of barley and bread Marche stores


Wheat and bread menu store

「おいで米」を使用した米粉食パンなどパン K's bakery
Scones, rye bread, bread cakes, Sanuki's dream bagels Hit
Bread cooked with local vegetables and fruits Yoshida Bakery
Wasanbon Kinako fried bread Setouchi Rusk Hall +
Panda dorayaki 髙 髙 221
Bagel sandwich Kitchen garden
Wasanbon bread HIYORI WASANBON
Bread using yeast made from Shodoshima brown rice and Jiuqu Natural yeast bread KAINA
Bread for delicious olive oil High-quality raw bread Inoue Seikoen
Hazama fig pie, shoyumame bread, focaccia, quiche  First store opening! Boulangerie Vent
Olive pork hot sandwich Yakimono Dorimu
Salt milk France, sweet bread, side dish bread  初出店!HAUNT BAKER’S KITCHEN
Pizza baked in a stone oven  XNUMX Kudo
Lasagna (handmade pasta using Sanuki's dream), waffle Fatty Sparrow
Sandwich bread baniya  Café du mistral


List of stores

Agriculture Company Morikachi
Seasonal vegetables harvested in Manno-cho

Kagawa Organic Network
Organic vegetables, organic flowers, organic seedlings

K's bakery
Rice flour bread, French bread, sweet bread, side dish bread using Kagawa prefecture brand rice "Oide rice"

Yano store
Hakumochiwa, Chibiten, Dakimaki, Atsuyaki, Chikuwa with basil and garlic (Chikuwa that warms the body mixed with basil and garlic from Kagawa prefecture)

Patisserie Sumida
Freeze-dried fruit, macaroons, rare sugar ice cream, Oidemai roll, Sanuki kiwikko duck words (Kagawa prefecture original variety kiwi)

Scones, rye bread, bread cakes, Sanuki's dream bagels

Yoshida Bakery
Cake donut, cooked bread, sweet bun, loaf of bread

Sanshin Sushi
Futaki sushi, buttera, mori sushi

Bank house
Wappa bento, tomato juice

Setouchi Rusk Hall +
Ibukijima Iriko Rusk, Santoyo Garlic Rusk, Sanuki Kintoki Rusk, Wasanbon Kinako Fried Bread, Cotton Candy, Drinks

Wasanbon sweets, Wasanbon bread (high-quality bread made by kneading Wasanbon molasses (molasses) into the dough and aging for 4 days. “Kurure food lab” that plans delicious foods using Wasanbon It is a collaboration product of the popular bakery "Bakery Heidi" in Chiba prefecture.)

Hiwasa smoked workshop
Stingray smoke (authentic smoke from Kagawa prefecture stingray fin soaked in mirin soy sauce, then smoked with mountain cherry blossoms and walnut smoke), various smokes

Gateau Yoshida KC Factory Division
Baked cheesecake (plain, sweet potato, salted caramel, Daiginjo)

髙 髙 221
Panda dorayaki

Natural yeast bread KAINA
Bread made from Shodoshima brown rice and yeast made from jiuqu, Sanuki's dream scones, biscotti

Salt milk France (Mixed with plenty of vanilla cream and sandwiched with French dough bread, carefully made in Utazu-cho's traditional Irihama salt farm), sweet bread, side dish bread, etc.

Inoue Seikoen
Bread for delicious olive oil Eating high-quality raw bread, fresh lemon oil, tangerine jam, persimmon and black tea jam

Hase Vineyard
New pione raisins, warm amazake story grapes, gelato (grape ram raisins)

First store opening! Boulangerie Vent
Hazama fig pie, shoyumame bread, focaccia, quiche

Gelato Cajux Fruit Tree
Fresh milk, Hassaku sorbet, Toshima strawberry sorbet, strawberry milk, blueberry milk

Taa-chan, a bone-cooked bird with open fire
Bone bird (young), Bone bird (parent), Olive chicken, Wings

Hana no Miya
Sanuki Parent Chicken Shumai

Sho-kun's Chinese restaurant
Fried rice, sword-cut noodles, Dantan-mao, stir-fried Chinese food, Marbo-don, roux han, Chinese bun, simmered manju

Sanuki City Tourism Association
Sanuki RED Konodai R-1 100% Grape Juice Bottle (1% juice squeezed as it is without adding any additives to the grape "Kanodai R-100" researched and developed by the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University), Cafe Ole Base Bottle , Vegetables, etc.

Iida Taoyuan
Ice cream (white peach, plum, golden peach), plum syrup, marshmallow, peach soda

Sweet vegetable curry (sweet curry that can be eaten by children with a lot of vegetables grown in-house), dried vegetables, tea

Turquoise kebab
Prefectural chicken kebab sandwich and Turkish ice cream

Manabe noodles
Fried Rice

Drilling house
Hot sand, olive pork rose skewers, olive pork croquette, olive pork fried noodles, olive pork cutlet, pork bowl, pork rice, cooked rice

Sanuki honey chai, coffee, coffee beans

Kitchen garden
Baked goods, bagels, bento, bagel sandwiches, rice balls

Pizza baked in a stone oven, biscotti

Spice family karakra
Chicken curry (4 levels of spiciness), chicken key mackery, kerala chicken curry, butter chicken curry, sambal, yellow rice

Fatty Sparrow
Lasagna (handmade pasta using Sanuki's dream), waffles, steamed rice bread

Café du mistral
Sandwich bread banyan, cake sale, table

BASE 7788 (base Nanana Naha bee)
Raw strawberry shaved ice, rare sugar blue Hawaii shaved ice, rare sugar strawberry shaved ice, Setouchi lemonade

First store opening! Corp natural savvy
Kagawa Prefecture natural pork chinjaolose bowl

Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization
A5ランクOlive beef 霜降りステーキ重、AランクOlive beef 牛めし、A5ランクOlive beef すき焼き弁当、オリーブ地鶏とオマール海老アメリケーヌカレー、A5ランクOlive beef弁当各種(ザ・マイルストーン)、オリーブ地鶏とオマール海老アメリケーヌカレー(ビストロ アンジェ)


Sanuki Marche in Sunport

Date and time: Sunday, March 2020, 10, 4: 10-00: 14 
Venue:Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture Sunport West Passage / Multipurpose Plaza
Postponed to Sunday, June 10 in case of stormy weather

*If a new person infected with the new coronavirus appears in the prefecture, it may be suspended or postponed. Please refer to the official website for information about the event and information about the store.
* Store openings and items for sale will be planned. Please note that it is subject to change.



760-0019 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 2-1
Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage