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Manabe noodles

Prefectural products used

Iriko Ibuki, Prefectural pork bones, Prefectural poultry chicken, Prefectural pigs, Prefectural wheat

A word from the owner

Prefectural pork bones and prefectural bird galley cooked for more than 10 hours and the best soup and W soup made with Ibuki Iriko! Pork pork is homemade. The noodles are hand-made with whole wheat flour, which has the scent of wheat. Of course wheat is also produced in Kagawa prefecture! At Sanuki Marche venue, you can choose from two types of strong and weak Iriko.

Noodles made with whole wheat flour made from Kagawa Prefecture



760-0019 Sunport, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 2-1
Sunport Takamatsu Symbol Tower West Passage

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