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List of stores

Café du mistral

Prefectural products used

Rare sugar

Olive oil from Shodoshima

Rarirure lettuce

From the shopkeeper

The climate of Southern France and Setouchi are very similar.
Reproduce the taste of southern France Provence using ingredients from Kagawa.

I want you to know Provencal cuisine through the ingredients of Kagawa.

Bell Elene (Rare sugar cooked apples)

Sweets made from rare sugar, a low-GI sweetener born in Kagawa Prefecture.

In France, it is a beautiful apple sweet that shines in golden meaning "Belle Elene" and means "Beautiful Elene (female name)".

I cook a whole apple. You can enjoy it as it is at the venue or add yogurt or chocolate at home.

Nice sandwich

Sandwich using olive oil from Shodoshima, lettuce from Kagawa Prefecture, and Lirurelet lettuce. Bucket fabrics are available from France.





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