1 November (Sun.) 10:00-14:00 Autumn Harvest Festival


The Shop List of Marché


Yoshida Bakery

Kintoki sweat potato bread

Patisserie Sumida

Sanuki kiwi Dacquoise


Freshly harvested rice in traditional wooden lunch box

Gateau Yoshida

Sweet potato cheese cake made of Kintoki sweet potato from Sakaide city

Inoue Olive

Newly pickled olives

Hanazawa Myou Shun En

Colive (Bonsai is made by olive maker and florist in Shodoshima)



List of Shops


Agriculture Company Morichika

Seasonal vegetables from Manno town

Kagawa Organic Network

Organic vegetables, Organic farming, Organic seeds


Vegetables, Fruits, Flower、

Debut appearance for Marché! Nangoku Vegetable


K’s bakery

Rice flour bread (Kagawa prefecture rice brand “oidemai”, Baguette, Sweet bread, Stuffed bread)

Yano Market

Conger eel fish stick, Small fish cake, Rolled omelet mixed with fish paste, Thick omelet, Fish stick made of basil and garlic (basil and garlic are from Kagawa prefecture)

Patisserie Sumida

Freeze dry fruit, Macarons, rare sugar, Oidemai roll, Sanuki kiwi dacquoise


Scone, Rye bread, Sesame bread, Shirasu fish pizza

Yoshida Bakery

Cake doughnut, Stuffed bread, Sweet bread, Loaf of bread, Kintoki sweet potato bread

Santatsu Sushi

Thick roll sushi wrapped in seaweed, Pressed mackerel sushi

Pearl Barley Kirari

Kirari pearl barley


Traditional wooden lunch box, Tomato juice


Wasanbon dry Japanese candy

Smoke Fish Hiwasa Factory

Smoked red ray (marinated red ray fin from Kagawa prefecture in mirin soy sauce and smoked with wild cherry chips) Variety of smoked food.

Gateau Yoshida

Baked cheese cake (Plain, Sweet potato, Salt caramel, Top quality brewed Sake)


Panda dorayaki (Two small pancakes with bean jam in between)


Sweet bread, Stuffed bread

Nanabun no Hachi Kuchina

Variety of hot dogs

Inoue Olive

Delicious fresh bread which goes perfectly with olive oil, Citrus “Unshu”, New pickled olive, Ripe olive oil, Orange jam


Sanuki pearl barley

Grilled Chicken Ta-chan

Chicken with bone (young), chicken with bone (mature), Olive free range local traditional pedigree chicken, Chicken wings

Hananomiya Iitomo

Sanuki mature chicken shumai (Dumpling)


Deep fried fugu, Deep fried octopus, Tempura, Octopus rice

Sho’s Chinese Restaurant

Fried rice, knife cut noodle, Tantanmen noodle, Chinese stir fry, Mapo tofu rice bowl, Minced pork rice, Chinese steamed bun, Pork steamed bun

Sanuki Tourism Association

The bottle of 100% organic grape juice “sanuki RED kanodai R-1(100% freshly squeezed grape “Kanodai R-1” developed by the faculty of agriculture of Kagawa University. Café au lait concentrate, Fried rice cake

Iida Peach Farm

Ice cream (White peach, Japanese plum, Golden peach), Japanese Plum syrup, Marshmallow, Peach soda


Sweet vegetable curry (Local vegetable curry. Kids can also enjoy the curry), Dry vegetable, Tea

Turquoise Kebab

Local chicken kebab sandwich, Turkish ice cream

Manabe Noodle

Ramen, Fried rice

Grill House Drimuya

Hot sandwich, Grilled olive pork belly, Olive pork croquette, Olive pork fried noodle, Olive pork fried meat cake, Pork rice bowl, Steamed rice with chopped pork


Sanuki honey chai tea, coffee, Coffee beans

ZORA Factory

Dried fruits, Drink from Kagawa prefecture. Sanuki loquat curry

Kitchen Garden

Baked sweets, Bagel, Bento, Bagel sandwich, Rice ball, Curry soup

82 Kaorudo

Pizza baked in stone oven, biscotti

Gelato CajuxCaju

Fresh milk, Teshima Strawberry sorbet, Hassaku sorbet, Blueberry milk, Strawberry milk, Honey lemon sorbet using Toyoshima’s pesticide-free lemon

Spice Family Karakura

Chicken curry (4 levels of spice), Keema curry, Kerara chicken curry, Butter chicken curry, Sambal, Yellow rice

Futoccho Suzume

Lasagne (Flat pasta noodle is made of Sanuki rice flour, Waffle, Steamed rice bread)

Café du mistral

Baguette sandwich, Cake sale (Unsweetened pound cake), Tabouleh

Debut appearance at Marché! Gomyo Furusato no Ie

Jibie dog (wild boar sausage), Charcoal, coffee

Co-op Shizenha Shikoku

Chinese-Style beef and green peppers stir fry bowl (natural pork from Kagawa prefecture)


Black pine, Shinpaku (Chinese juniper), Keyaki (Japanese zelkowa), Rock paper plant, Other small bonsai

Debut appearance at Marché!Hanazawa Myou Shun En

Colive (Olive bonsai made with an olive farm and a flower shop in Shodoshima)

Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization

Award winning product of Kagawa prefecture sale, Dumplings

Debut appearance at Marché!Takamatsu City Environmental Conservation Promotion Division

Implementation of My Bottle Campaign



Sanuki Marché in Sunport

Date:1 November (Sunday)10:00-14:00

Venue: West promenade of Sunport Symbol Tower,Takamatsu,Kagawa

It will be rescheduled to 8 November due to inclement weather



〒760-0019 香川県高松市サンポート2-1