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Photograph of paulownia geta

Production started in 1907 in Sanuki City Shido, and has grown to become one of the leading production centers nationwide. Paulownia is made from naturally dried paulownia wood as a raw material through about 40 processes.
In the Meiji era, the mainstream was the so-called clogged clogs, an old essential item for young men. The paulownia tree, in which handwork was expressed vividly, such as "weathered", adorned the citizens' feet. Paulownia was originally made of light material, and its unique warmth, absorbency, and moisturizing properties make it suitable for humid Japanese climates. In recent years, it has become less commonly used, but various designs have started to appear on the thongs as well, because of the cool sound peculiar to clogs called Karan colon, the familiarity that the more you wear it, the more familiar it is, the clothes It has come to be worn along with. As a part of fashion, it has become popular with younger generations.

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