Kagawa prefecture products


Photo of mantis shrimp

Kashio from Kagawa Prefecture used to have the third highest catch in Japan, but drastically decreased from around 3 due to drought and high water temperature. Small ones are devised such as returning them to the sea. Shakuto grows slower than shrimp and crab, and it takes about three years to reach the size of a table. They prefer sand and muddy land, and are often caught in Nishisan's Hitanada. In particular, the stripped shako at Kanonji is famous throughout the country as a material for nigiri sushi.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Hiuchi Nada, Harima Nada
  • The crunchy crunch and unique flavor of the toy spar is particularly exquisite, coming out from spring to summer. It is best to boil fresh, moving foods in salt and boil them with hot ones. You can enjoy the flavor and texture even if you add it to wasabi soy sauce, mix with vinegar miso, or tempura.

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