Kagawa prefecture products


Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Mitoyo, Miki, Tonosho, Shodoshima

In fact, Kagawa Prefecture is a major strawberry production area. There are 55 hectares of cultivation areas as a whole. Nyoho's features are a beautiful cone, sweetness, sourness, and good aroma balance. Nyoho is cultivated in various places, but Nyoho from Kagawa Prefecture is especially popular throughout the country. The reason is "good quality". In Kagawa Prefecture, high-level nutrient cultivation is spreading, and the fruits are hanging in the air, so that sunlight is evenly distributed and high-quality colored strawberries can be made. Among them, well-selected, large-sized fruits are sold at luxury fruit stores in Tokyo, and are also used for cakes and desserts, making use of their well-balanced acidity. In addition, recently, liqueurs made by crushing Nyoho fruit in coarsely muddy liquor have been sold, and liquor with a slight scent of strawberries has become popular among women and young people. Please enjoy the Nine peaks of Kagawa, where various efforts are being made, from raw food to processed products.

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