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In the past, plum wine was the main liqueur produced in Kagawa. However in recent years, fruit liqueurs, which are a blend of sake and fresh fruit puree, have become popular. There is a rich variety of liqueurs available, including strawberry, peach, grape and mandarin orange, in addition to Chinese quince, shiso and loquat. These liqueurs are as easy to drink and delicious as fruit juice, capturing the hearts of people who are not used to drinking sake, such as the younger generation. In Kagawa, seasonal fruits and vegetables are harvested in abundance. In particular, on the west side of Kagawa there are sake breweries as well as many fruit producing areas, which deliver consistent harvests throughout the year. Fruit liqueurs were developed with the desire to promote sake along with the natural bounties of the region. By combining traditional methods of sake brewing with the region’s beloved agricultural produce, a new specialty product was born. With these liqueurs, which bring out the unique flavor, texture and aroma of each fruit, you can discover the new appeal of sake. Additionally, “Shirashita Sugar Plum Wine”, a winner of the Kagawa Prefectural Products Competition, is made with Shirashita Sugar rather than rock sugar, giving it a flavor that is smooth and elegant.

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  • This fruit liqueur is made by combining sake with the mashed pulp of an entire peach locally grown in Kagawa. Peach puree gives this sake a rich flavor and thick consistency. This liqueur contains so much peach puree that the fruit sinks to the bottom. Savor the rich and juicy taste of peaches with this fruit liqueur.<br>*Limited quantities available
    * Limited number of items sold

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