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Until now, liqueurs produced in Kagawa were mainly plum wine, but in recent years sake-based fruit liqueurs using fresh fruits have become popular. In addition to strawberries, peaches, grapes, and tangerines, there is a rich lineup of varieties such as karin, shiso and loquat. It is as easy to drink and delicious as juice, and has attracted the hearts of young people and women who have been far from sake. Kagawa is a region where seasonal fruits and vegetables are harvested abundantly. In particular, the Nishisan area, where the sake brewing company is located, has many fruit producing areas and a stable harvest can be expected throughout the year, so it was developed with the wish of sharing the local goodness with sake. Two different products collaborated to create new specialties: traditional methods of brewing and local produce. Liqueurs that bring out the sourness, flavor, and texture of each fruit are likely to be a catalyst for discovering the new appeal of sake. In addition, “Shirashita Sugar Plum Sake”, which won the Kagawa Prefectural Goods Competition, is finished in an elegant and gentle plum wine by using Shirashita Sugar instead of ice sugar.

  • The whole peach from Kagawa prefecture was mashed for sake. It is a very thick flavor using peach puree. Plenty of peach is used as the pulp sinks to the bottom. Please enjoy juicy and rich peach.
    * Limited sales

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