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Seasonal season
Main production area
Ayagawa Town, Kotohira Town, Kanonji City

Kagawa has been brewing many local sakes since ancient times. High quality rice and water are indispensable for sake brewing, but rice grown in Kagawa, where there are many hours of sunshine, is suitable for sake brewing and has been blessed with high quality underflow water from the Asan Mountains. The combination of good quality rice and high quality water combined with the warm climate and the skill of skilled brewers create a mellow, rich, rich and full-bodied local sake. Also, attention has been drawn to the original sake rice “Sanuki Kimai” from Kagawa Prefecture, where full-scale cultivation began in 2006.

  • Sake made from Sanuki with a mild climate throughout the four seasons has a soft taste and has been widely appreciated by enthusiasts. Speaking of sake rice that has been cultivated in this area, "Oseto" has a clean taste. In addition, "Osset" and "Yamada Nishiki" are hybrids, and "Sanuki Kimai" inherits the good points of both. Sake made from these rices is evaluated as a well-balanced sake with sharpness and swelling in both aroma and taste.

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