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Sea cucumber

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Sea cucumber, which is often traded as a luxury ingredient in Chinese cuisine recently, is a member of the same echinoderm as sea urchins and starfish. What can be taken in the prefecture is "manamako", which is distinguished from "red sea cucumber", "blue sea cucumber", and "black sea cucumber" by body color. It lays eggs in the spring, and since April 4 to October 1, fishing is prohibited by the prefectural fisheries adjustment regulations, so it is a limited-time ingredient that is mainly served at the dining table only in winter.

Seasonal season
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Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • In the old days, salted soybeans called “Konowata” with salted intestine were presented to the Shogunate, and Shodoshima and the Tosan area were particularly well known as sea cucumber nationwide. At present, vinegar is common in home cooking. You can enjoy the fragrance of the beach and the crunchy texture. In addition, there are rare local dishes such as “Furari”, a soup made by pouring hot dashi juice into chopped sea cucumber, and “Kinako mochi”, which is a quick blanched sea cucumber with a mixture of sugar and salt. There is.

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