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Japanese rockfish

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"Mebaru", which can be said to be a representative of "Small fish in the shore", is locally called "Kromebaru" or "Oxomebaru", and is a fish with a large patchy eye. It is popular among anglers because of its strong pull against the body. When the waves are calm, you can see a school of small rockfish swimming leisurely near the shore, making it a familiar fish in Kagawa Prefecture. Fellow fish that can be caught in the prefecture include scorpions called "Akamebar", "Bamboo shoots" with a body color similar to bamboo shoot skin, and "Krosoi", which is also cultured. It is a fish that is known as a high-quality fish, but it is caught throughout the year, so it is also used as a familiar food at home.

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  • There is little smell in the fish, and you can feel the fluffy sweetness in the refreshing taste unique to white fish. It also appears in home cooking such as boiled, salted, fried and miso soup. Kasago has a lighter taste. Because black soybeans grow larger, they are used for sashimi and pots.

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