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Among many rice varieties, Koshihikari is known as a national brand and has a good taste. Sanuki's "Koshihikari", which was raised by the warm climate of Setouchi, clean water, and well-drained rice fields, is called "Sanuki Rice" along with "Hinohikari" and has established itself as a brand rice. "Sanuki rice" was called "Japan's three largest rice" along with "Shonai rice" and "Omi rice" in the Edo era, and is a representative of delicious rice. "Koshihikari" from Kagawa Prefecture is very easy to cook and can be eaten deliciously even with brown rice, which is attracting attention as a healthy food.

  • There are many local brand rice in Kagawa Prefecture, such as "Tosan Umai", which can be found in the mountains of Fukuei, Higashi-Kagawa City, "Firefly Dance" raised by the clear stream of Manno-cho, and "Takarada Rice" from Mitoyo City, which has a long history. There is. In addition, a selection of special dishes, such as rice grown using duck.

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