Kagawa prefecture products


Seasonal season
Main production area
The whole prefecture area centered on Bisan Seto

It is a salmonid fish that is called "setai" because it is caught in the Seto Inland Sea. It has a distinctive back fin and is locally called "Bingshi" because of its resemblance to a comb attached to a Japanese haired female alba. Although it looks like a tropical fish at first glance due to the vivid yellow and black stripes, it is a clear local fish. In recent years, catch has increased, and it has become commonplace in supermarkets.

  • The taste is quite good. The fins, scales and skeleton are firm, so even a simple dish that has been lightly salted and baked can be tasted good enough to taste umami and also have a slight bitterness without hate. It is particularly suitable for boiling because it will finish when cooked. It is a fish that is tightly packed with the taste of white fish, but it is one of the fish that can be easily arranged at home at home because it is relatively cheap.

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