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Tsukudani (foods stewed in soy sauce)

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Tsukudani is a specialty product of Shodoshima Island. Tsukudani was first produced on Shodoshima after the war using locally brewed soy sauce, and the tradition has continued for over 60 years. There are currently seventeen tsukudani manufacturers on the island. Among the many varieties of tsukudani available, Shodoshima is most famous for tsukudani made with kelp. In fact, the island boasts the highest production volume of kelp tsukudani in Japan. Besides kelp, tsukudani is made using all kinds of ingredients, including seaweed and small fish from the Seto Inland Sea, as well as sand lance, a specialty product of Kagawa.

Seasonal season
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Main production area
Shodoshima Town
  • Tsukudani is stewed with sugar and soy sauce, the pride of Shodoshima, which intensifies the flavor of the ingredients and gives tsukudani a beautiful sheen. The savory aroma of tsukudani awakens the appetite, and it looks luxurious when placed on top of freshly cooked white rice. Currently, six varieties of tsukudani have been recognized by the Japan Food Industry Association as “Authentic Shodoshima Tsukudani”. These six varieties of tsukudani have been produced with the same ingredients and techniques for over 30 years; they are made using only Shodoshima soy sauce and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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