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Tsukuda is a specialty of Shodoshima. It began to be made after the war as a secondary processed product of the island's local industry, soy sauce, and has a tradition of more than 60 years. There are currently 17 Tsukudani manufacturers on Shodoshima. Among them, kelp Tsukudani boasts the highest production volume in Japan and became the face of Shodoshima Bussan. In addition, a variety of other ingredients are used, such as Tsukudani made from Setouchi seaweed and lively small fish, and Kunigani made from prefecture-made squid.

  • Tsukuda, which is cooked sweetly with soy sauce and sugar, boasts beautiful teri on the surface and condenses the flavor of the ingredients. The savory fragrance irritates the appetite and makes it a luxurious gem just by placing it on freshly cooked white rice. At present, six kinds of Tsukudani products that have been made with the same materials and manufacturing methods for more than 30 years, using only island soy sauce and no chemical seasonings, synthetic preservatives, or synthetic colorings, are called `` Shodoshima Tsukudani "Has been certified as a" genuine authentic "brand by the Food Industry Center.

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