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Oyster photo

Oysters inhabit rocks and other areas, but are currently mainly used for aquaculture. Hiroshima, Miyagi and Okayama are famous in Japan, but Kagawa is also one of the top 10 oyster producing areas in Japan. Oyster cultivation begins with taking a “seed oyster”. In March, we will put an applicator for attaching seed oysters into the sea, eat natural plankton, and wait for the oysters to grow. After the summer spawning, it becomes full with the drop of water temperature. Finally, shipment will begin around October.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Sanuki City Kamosho / Shido, Mure Town, Tadotsu Town Shirakata, Takuma Town
  • The soft body and unique flavor are called "sea milk" and are rich in nutrients. It is common to eat in a pot or fry at home, but “Kakiyaki,” which originated in Mure-cho, is now a winter tradition. The way to eat shelled oysters on the iron plate is also popular with tourists from outside the prefecture.

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