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Sanuki shrimp pickled in liquor waste


  • Live shrimp (large) 180g
  • White hair leek
  • vanilla a little
  • Chili pepper a little

Tea and bread crumbs sheet

  • Jinling Sake Cass 40g
  • Wasanbon Small 1
  • salt Small 1/4
  • liqueur Large 1
  • Garlic 1 money
  • Ginger 5g
  • White onion 5g
  • White soy sauce Small half
  • vinegar
  • pepper a little
  • Sesame oil a little


  1. Live shrimp is made with local sake.

  2. Remove the head and skin and add salt.

  3. Leave it for a while to remove moisture.

  4. Sake kettle is stretched in advance with water and sake.

  5. Season with all seasonings such as salt and local sake.

  6. Stir and leave for about an hour to allow the taste to adapt.

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