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Topped with conger eel and vegetables Nanban vinegar Tomato pot


  • conger 75g
  • Tomato Appropriate amount
  • onion Appropriate amount
  • Ginseng Appropriate amount
  • celery Appropriate amount
  • olive Appropriate amount
  • Washing onion Appropriate amount

Nanban vinegar

  • Bonito stock 450cc
  • Thin soy sauce 150cc
  • sweet sake 150cc
  • Rice vinegar 250cc
  • White sugar Appropriate amount


  1. Make pickled vegetables with Nanban vinegar. Soak the shredded onions, carrots and celery in boiled nanban vinegar. Let cool once. (Boil once if warmer is better.)

  2. Rinse the conger eel with water, open, drain, cut into appropriate size, sprinkle with rice flour and fry in oil.

  3. Cut the tomatoes into half pots, cut them in half, cut out the inside, and add the conger fried in the oil to the tomatoes.

  4. Cover with vegetables immersed in vinegar and top with olive berries and green onions.

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